Mobile App Features

Power Mobile App features can be configured to suit the needs of your business or organization. We can help you become more interactive and responsive to your customer base and also reward your repeat customers in a fun, easy way. Check out some of the many features avails for you custom Mobile App!

Mobile App FeaturesRestaurant Menu
Restaurant menu mobile App features with photos, prices, and descriptions. It can be divided into different categories such as Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Custom Forms
Can include text, multiline text, email address, number fields, date and time selector, user’s geolocation, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop down menus and required fields.

Fan Wall
With the Fan Wall page, users of your application will be able to post comments and/or photos and to discuss among themselves.

photo-galleryPhoto Gallery
Select a photo in a grid to enlarge it. A title and description can be added to each photo.

Contest – Social Gaming
With the Social Gaming mobile app feature, you will be able to increase the purchasing frequency of your clients by giving them their ranking based on their loyalty.  This feature will only work if a loyalty card is integrated into the application. The loyalty points the user gets, the higher his level is in the ranking.  All users see their positions in the ranking and you can offer a gift to the leader. The more valuable the gift is, the more the users will come back to dethrone the leader and the more the leader will come back to consolidate his rank.

Video Gallery
Can stream videos from your youtube or Vimeo channel.

News Page
This page allows you to create a news page with a photo and comments from users. It works like a news wall, users are able to find all the posts you wrote on it.

androidIn-App Messages
The In-App Messages page allows you to display a message to users that are currently using your application. You can either set your message to be sent right now, or you can program it to be sent at a specific date and time.

Social Sharing
The Social Sharing function allows you to share info about your app with your customers, contacts, and friends, via your social networks.

QR Code Scan
This page will allow your customers to use their camera to scan a QR Code to access specific content. Basically, a QR code is data encrypted as an image. When you use your QR Code Scan, it will get you to the content it is linked to. It can be a specific URL outside the app, an image, text or anything. The QR code needs to be printed so it can be scanned.

appleQR Coupons
Discount coupons that will be unlocked by scanning a specific printed QR Code. Once unlocked, the customer can use the discount. The coupon will not appear in the app for the user until he has scanned the QR Code. When you add a coupon code the app user will not see it until they have scanned the QR code. As a business owner, you create a QR coupon, and you obtain a QR Code. You can distribute this QR code on your website or in a newsletter, etc to reward specific actions, or just show it to premium clients so that they can use it. Once scanned the coupon will appear in their apps.

Set up special discounts for your App users and display them in the application.

saleHere are the options of a discount:

  • Picture: you can add a picture that illustrates your coupon
  • Name: for example “One free coffee”, keep it short and simple
  • Description: for example “One free coffee among classic L and XL coffees”
  • Conditions: for example “Available for a $10 order”
  • Can only be used once: check this box if you want the discount to be available for the client only once. A “use this discount” button will appear in the application and the client will have to press it to use the discount.
  • End date or unlimited: choose if you want your discount to have an end date or if you want it to be unlimited (you can stop it anytime).

foodLoyalty Card
The Loyalty feature is a like punch or stamp card. It means there will be a reward after a number of purchases. For example “one free burger after ten purchased”.  To validate a loyalty point the business owner will have to enter a four-digit password.  As with a loyalty stamp card, the client has to show his card to the retailer for stamping it, with our digital loyalty card, the client has to show his smartphone and the retailer has to enter his four-digit password to validate a point.

Facebook Page
facebookAdd your Facebook feed to your App and keep your App users up to date.

Integrate your Twitter feed into your app

Stripe Payment Gateway
You will need your API keys from Stripe. Create your account at and once your business account is validated by Stripe you will be able to get your API keys.

This feature allows you to have Product pages in your App.  The Catalog feature can be used to create other content depending on the how you wish to display it and how you want it to look.

The Links page allows you to share information linked to your business with your clients. You can link to any website and add a photo for each one.

The Calendar page will enable you to share with your users the dates and places of your events.  Your calendar can be pulled directly from Facebook or iCal.

The Surveys Mobile App Features allow you to create complete surveys in order to collect information and feedbacks from users. You can create advanced question types using logical triggers, and then collect results, download and export users data. You’ll be able to create as many surveys as you need to.

Scratch Cards
With the Scratch Card page, you can offer your users a chance to win rewards and give them a fun motivation to visit your business.

shopWoocommerce Integration
This feature will allow you to integrate your WooCommerce store into your application.

Contact Info
Contact information for your business including a tap-to-call button, a geolocation button, and a contact form.

WordPress Feature
WordPress feature allows you to integrate the content of a WordPress Blog into your App. With this feature you have two options:
You can create an application with only one WordPress blog post or you can publish all the content of the blog or just selected categories.

catalogInbox Feature
Allows interactions between App owner and users, similar to text messaging.

RSS Feeds
Integrate feeds from blogs or news websites either from your business or other sources related to your business. You can create as many feeds as you want.

The weather feature is handy if your business is dependent on weather for your customers.

push-notificationPush Notifications
Send notifications out to app users within a specified time and radius of your business. You can have as many locations as needed. You can create Topics your users can subscribe to, in order for you to send Push Notifications and In-App Messages only to those who have subscribed to that specific topic.

Content Restriction
Lock the entire App or Portions of it to Authorized users only. Great for communicating with members of an organization.

Customers can schedule an appointment or make a reservation at your business by location if you have more than one.

mapsGoogle maps to your locations. The map will give directions from the App users current location. This page can include photos, descriptions, videos and a tap to call button.

With the “Radio” page you can add a streaming radio feed inside your app.

My Account
Some interactive features require App users to log in to communicate with the app. Users can login thru their Facebook account or set up a username and password using their email address.